State Associations

The Reflexology Association of America is organized primarily as an affiliation of state associations. Each affiliated state is allowed two delegates, whose role is to represent their state’s needs, ideas, skills and vision to the RAA Board of Directors, and to report back to their state members on the progress and decisions of the RAA Board. Following the guidelines of other successful member associations, the national and state associations serve as the structural backbone and voice of reflexology in the United States. As affiliates, they work to provide a strong and unified presence for reflexology in this country. Currently, 19 states have been accepted as affiliates; their status is recognized below.

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Alaska Reflexology Association 3705 Arctic Blvd., #1333 Anchorage, AK 99503 USA Contact: Mary Reimann Phone: (907) 440-4238 Email Website RAA ID #: A031 RAA Affiliate: Yes Affiliation Date: 05/01/2010


Associated Reflexologists of Colorado PO Box 697 Englewood, CO 80151 USA Contact: Diane Ahonen Phone: (303) 475-8218 Email Website RAA ID #: CO3 RAA Affiliate: Yes Affiliation Date: 03/13/2008


Arizona Reflexology Association 7320 N. La Cholla Blvd, Ste 154, #145 Tucson, AZ 85741 USA Contact: Virginia Farwell Phone: (520) 722-1649 Email Website RAA ID #: AR1 RAA Affiliate: Yes Affiliation Date: 01/18/2007


Georgia Reflexology Organization 6045 Pattingham Dr Roswell, GA 30075 USA Contact: President - Ko Tan Phone: (770) 240-0409 Email Website RAA ID #: GA5 RAA Affiliate: Yes Affiliation Date: 03/13/2008


Integrated Reflexologists of Wisconsin, Inc. 640 Main Street Belgium, WI 53004-0161 USA Contact: Lila M. Mueller Phone: 262-285-3320 Email Website RAA ID #: WI27 RAA Affiliate: Yes Affiliation Date: 3/6/2014


Massachusetts Association of Reflexology MA USA Contact: Lynn Wilson Email Website RAA ID #: MA11 RAA Affiliate: Yes Affiliation Date: 1/9/2005


Maine Council of Reflexologists P.O. Box 5583 Augusta, ME 04332 USA Contact: President Phone: 207-310-8937 Email Website RAA ID #: ME9 RAA Affiliate: Yes Affiliation Date: 6/4/2006


Maryland Reflexology Association Owings Mills, MD 21117 USA Contact: Kim Jenner Phone: (443) 797-7659 Email Website RAA ID #: MD10 RAA Affiliate: Yes Affiliation Date: 11/16/06


North Carolina Reflexology Association P.O. Box 25646 Charlotte, NC 28229-5646 USA Contact: Cyndi Hill Phone: 704-636-4153 Email Website RAA ID #: NC18 RAA Affiliate: Yes Affiliation Date: 5/4/2006


North Dakota Reflexology Association Fargo, ND 58103 USA Contact: Jan Benson Phone: 701-364-2895 Email Website RAA ID #: ND19 RAA Affiliate: No


New Mexico Association of Reflexologists Santa Fe, NM 87505 USA Contact: Fred Coen Phone: 505-982-4408 Email Website RAA ID #: NM31 RAA Affiliate: Yes Affiliation Date: 1/12/2012


New York State Reflexology Association NY USA Contact: Elizabeth Willoughby Phone: (646) 805-8474 Email Website RAA ID #: NY17 RAA Affiliate: Yes Affiliation Date: 4/23/2008


Oregon Reflexology Network 2556 East Side Road Hood River, OR 97031 USA Contact: Marie Louise Penchoen Phone: 541-386-7998 Email Website RAA ID #: ORN2012 RAA Affiliate: Yes Affiliation Date: 10/12/2012


Pennsylvania Reflexology Association 208 Williamsburg Rd Ardmore, PA 19003 USA Contact: Gabriele Cipollone Phone: (610) 645-6578 Email Website RAA ID #: PRO2014 RAA Affiliate: No


Reflexology Association of California PO Box 4286 Lakewood, CA 90711 USA Contact: Karen Ross Phone: 323-379-9722 Email Website RAA ID #: CA2 RAA Affiliate: No


Reflexology Association of Connecticut Moodus, CT 06469 USA Contact: Linda Christensen Phone: 860-798-6504 Email Website RAA ID #: CT4 RAA Affiliate: Yes Affiliation Date: 3/26/2008


Reflexology Association of Hawaii 320 Liliuokalani Avenue, #802 Honolulu, HI 96815 USA Contact: Linda Friedman Phone: 808-944-4588 Email Website RAA ID #: HI6 RAA Affiliate: No


Reflexology Association of Illinois PO Box 275 Washington, IL 61571 USA Contact: Naomi Green Phone: 309-648-2998 Email Website RAA ID #: IL7 RAA Affiliate: No


Reflexology Association of Iowa 124 E 18th St, Ste 2 Cedar Falls, IA 50613 USA Contact: Karen Grabowski Phone: (319) 230-3704 Email Website RAA ID #: IA8 RAA Affiliate: Yes Affiliation Date: 02/12/2009


Reflexology Association of Minnesota 5009 Excelsior Blvd - Ste 101 St. Louis Park, MN 55416 USA Contact: Becket Olson Email RAA ID #: MN5 RAA Affiliate: No
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